Opportunities to get involved in the Senior PGA Championship

February 25, 2009

Now is your chance to become part of the 2009 Senior PGA Championship and experience a side of a professional golf tournament usually not seen by fans. By becoming a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to be inside the ropes, see golf legends up close and personal, and witness first-hand what really goes into running a major championship for the PGA of America.

As a volunteer, you’ll receive access to the grounds all six days of the championship (Tuesday, May 19 through Sunday, May 24), a uniform (jacket, shirt, and hat), an official copy of The 70th Senior PGA Championship Journal, food vouchers,  a merchandise tent discount, additional practice round tickets, and off-site parking with shuttle service to the championship.

Below are descriptions of several of volunteer opportunities still available for both adults and juniors. Be sure to reserve your spot by visiting our Volunteer page.

Contestant Transportation
Throughout Championship week, Contestant Transportation volunteers will be asked to drive players, PGA officials and VIPs to and from the airport, their hotels and the course using a PGA-provided vehicle.

We are also looking for captains for this committee to organize and assign transports from one of three locations (Airport, Hotel or Course). The Captain position does require a greater time requirement, typically half a day, every day, throughout the week (May 19 thru May 25).

For true inside-the-ropes access, consider joining the Marshal committee. Marshals are charged with crowd control, which includes quieting fans as players are about to swing, and making sure paths set aside for players, caddies, PGA officials and the media are clear.

Captain positions are also available for this committee to ensure all marshal positions are assigned and filled throughout the championship. This position also requires a half-a-day time commitment every day of the championship.


Standard Bearers
Standard Bearers get the unique opportunity to walk inside the ropes throughout a group’s round carrying the standard — a small portable scoreboard. Bearers update the standards with each player’s current score, keeping spectators aware of the golfer’s performance.

Leaderboards & Thruboards
Volunteers for this committee will be in charge of updating the leaderboards and thruboards located throughout the course. Leaderboards display the top eight players currently on the course and their scores for both the day and Championship, while thruboards show the current scores of players on a particular hole.

Card Copy
Card Copy volunteers take player scorecards after the 9th and 18th holes and run them to the Card Copy HQ, where the cards are then sent to various locations throughout the course

For more opportunities to get involved in the 2009 Senior PGA Championship, check out our Volunteers page or call 216.283.2009.

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