Facts & Figures from last year’s Senior PGA

May 15, 2009

If history is any indication, the 2009 Senior PGA Championship will be quite a production. For some prespective, the following are some facts and figures from the 2008 Senior PGA Championship, which was held at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York.


  • 50,000 people were estimated to have lined the fairways between Monday and Sunday
  • 25,000 spectators were transported by various shuttle busses

Concession Consumption

  • 15,500+ bottles of Aquafina water drank
  • 25,000+ bottles of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi drank
  • 25,000+ cups of beer served
  • 12,500+ bags of chips consumed
  • 1,400+ chocolate chip cookies eaten
  • 7,500 hamburgers grilled
  • 10,000+ hot dogs purchased
  • 130,000+ pounds of ice used

Temporary Power & Air Conditioning

  • 15,000+ KVA of commercial power used
  • 75 megawatts of generator power used
  • 350,000 feet of cable used
  • 2,400 tons of air-cooling equipment required
  • 15 temporary light towers set up
  • 100 cable ramps needed to help cover all the cables, hoses and wiring

Television and Media

  • 3.5+ miles of temporary cable laid
  • 12 television towers and one TV studio erected
  • 160 new flat screen televisions installed
  • 400 media credentialed and worked out of a 6,400 square foot media center
  • 10 hours of live TV coverage viewed in more than 70 countries (the 2009 Senior PGA Championship will be broadcast live for 12 hours)


  • 1,850+ adult volunteers and 120 junior volunteers served on some 40 Championship committees
  • 275+ on-site walkie-talkies used to make more than 1,000 radio transmissions per day
  • 250 GMC and Buick’s utilized to transport players, officials and their families
  • 7,500+ plants brought in and plant throughout Oak Hill
  • 25 temporary office trailers required

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Defending Champion will be in town for April 27 Media Day

January 23, 2009

Senior PGA Championship defending champion Jay Hass will be in town for Media Day on April 27. He will be attending the noon press conference at Canterbury Golf Club and fielding questions about the 2009 Championship as well as his win last year. After the press conference, Haas will be playing a round of golf with Cleveland-area media.

Haas shot a 287 (+7) at the 2008 Senior PGA Championship winning by one stroke over Bernhard Langer. Last year’s Championship was played at Oak Hill Country Club, in Rochester, New York.

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